Cancer Survivors

Hello, welcome to the Cancer Connections Survivorship page. 
Here you can perceive what different Survivors have imparted to the Cancer Connections people group by means of gathering talks and individual blog post entries. 

In case you might want to impart your encounters and stories to the Cancer Connections people group, or might want to reconnect with the network and update individuals on how you are traveling, feel free to visit the Survivor’s Dialog Gathering. 

If you are new to Cancer Connections, we likewise welcome you to view and remark on other individuals’ commitments and offer your own story and encounters in our introduction area. You are free to share as much as you might want.

Are you done with your cancer treatment?

You may view the world contrastingly after cancer. Maybe you feel that others don’t comprehend your experience and anticipate that you should ‘return to normal’. Cancer and its treatment can bring a large group of reasonable difficulties, from changes in appearance and body capacity to dealing with the emotional and social effects. 

Come and offer your encounters at our online platforms uniquely made for cancer survivors, carers, family, friends and work partners. As a member, you will find out about the potential changes, difficulties and openings you may look subsequent to finishing cancer treatment. You will likewise have the chance to connect with others on a comparative journey, and offer tips, thoughts, and exercises to enable you to carry on with your life well.