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Cancer Connections is a devoted online help service giving friend-based support, information, and data for individuals living with and affected by cancer. 
Members accounts and records are constrained to these people only and are not made accessible to unapproved analysts, researchers, health experts or students. 
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INFORMATION FOR CARERS: tips and procedures about Feelings, Emotions, Practical Issues, Communication, Illness, Passing, Death, and Anguish, loss, and Deprivation.


Are you finally done with cancer treatment? Check the most recent survivors’ talks and sites or come and offer your own encounters at our online discussion for cancer survivors and their carers, family, relatives, friends, and coworkers.

Young Adults

Young Adults affected by cancer confront a scope of difficulties, including career profession and finance, self-perception, fertility, and sexuality, individual connections, family, friends, and workmates. 

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When coming up with the name for this site, Free rung a bell since I don’t have cancer myself. The picture of the horse seemed appealing because it was running against the breeze and tide. It enabled me to feel confident and hopeful. Presently my Mum is free, no more torment, pain or perplexity. She is in Paradise now, and although we are grieved, at least she is free.