Q. How do I set up my profile?

A. You set up your profile during registration through an easy and direct procedure.

In case you need any form of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us via admin@cancerconnections.com

Our administrators will swiftly respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. Please note: our administrators are only available during standard working hours.

Q. What is an Avatar and how do I use one?

A. An Avatar is a name used to depict an image or image that shows up alongside your username as a method for distinguishing yourself and customizing your personality. You can upload your personal avatar once you register.

Q. Why do I have to supply my email address to join the forum?

A. We require an email address so as to send you an email to give you a protected method for affirming your enrollment. It would be ideal if you ensure that you check for and react to the Confirmation email, we send you. We may likewise need to send you messages every now and then notifying you regarding significant changes to the site. It would be ideal if you be guaranteed that your email address and all other individual data will be put away safely consistently.

Q. Will other people be able to see my email address?

A. No. Your email address is escaped other individuals except if you share it legitimately with others. We emphatically prescribe that clients don’t do this.

The site enables you to send messages to a friend or others. This is done through the Personal Message capacity or ‘PM’ to send a safe message instantly to that member.

It would be ideal if you recollect that on the off chance that you send messages of this sort to incorporate your subtleties, you do as such at your very own hazard

Q. What should I do if someone asks for my contact details or wants to arrange a meeting?

A. We prescribe that you don’t give out your own contact subtleties. Our ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’ request that you secure your character. In the event that you pass on your subtletie, you do as such at your very own hazard. We prescribe that you contact the Administrator on the off chance that somebody requests your subtleties. 

Q. Can I post links to other sites here?

A. Yes, you can, however, you can’t post whatever advances a business or benefit making the endeavor. Nor would you be able to post connects to anything revolting or hostile. If it’s not too much trouble allude to the ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’ area of this site for more detail. 

Q. Will any Cancer Council staff be directly involved in the forum?


The reason for the gatherings is to give a solid, secure and valuable gathering place for cancer patients, carers, survivors, friend, and relatives to enable them to help one another. Where fundamental, the Administrator maintains whatever authority is needed to post legitimately in the gatherings.

The Administrator of the site is a full-time representative of Cancer Council NSW and the entire site goes under Cancer Council NSW obligation. Few approved Cancer Council staff are additionally legitimately included with the everyday organization of the site.

Links to all State and Territory Cancer Council sites are additionally accessible. These can give you additional data and access to a wide scope of extra help services, data assets, and related services.

Live-Chat occasions are likewise normally booked and facilitated on Cancer Connections. These live online visits include rousing speakers and experts on a scope of important points and issues. These are elevated well ahead of time to permit everybody an opportunity to enroll their advantage and take part.