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Partners, Family and Friends (Carers)

Who is a carer?

A carer is somebody who aides and supports an individual through a condition, ailment or inability, for example, cancer. Carers can offer help in various ways: physical, emotional, practical and spiritual. and can either be a relative, friend or neighbour. Anybody can be a carer regardless of their age, sex, sexuality, career/profession or social foundation. You can give care for a brief time-frame, over months or years. Care might be required for a couple of hours once every week or on a 24-hour basis. Sometimes a carer lives interstate or abroad and helps by organizing care by telephone, email or via the Internet. You may not consider yourself to be a carer, but rather, somebody offering help to another individual who needs it. You may see turning into a carer as a natural expansion of your association with the individual with cancer. A few people acknowledge the adjustment in the relationship while others may feel they had no way out or it was something they believed they “should” do. Regardless of whether you explicitly distinguish as a carer, you ought to know that practically, emotional and financial assistance and backing is accessible to you. The articles accessible beneath give a scope of commonsense tips, techniques, data and pertinent links for those providing care to a family member, partner, relative or friend with cancer.
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