Cancer Disease Symptoms

What is the first sign of cancer?
Losing ten pounds all of a sudden is the first sign of cancer as it can be related to several types of cancer including stomach cancer. One of the cancer disease symptoms you will most likely encounter would be getting tired in a short amount of time. If you just walked a few meters and you are huffing and puffing then you certainly need to head over to the doctor’s office immediately.

What are the 7 warning signs of cancer?
The first is a sore that does not heal. It is normal to get sore at some point in your life but if it does not heal then that is a completely different story. Another warning sign would be a small or big change in your bowel habits. The third would be unusual discharge or bleeding when you take a poop as you know there is something blocking the pathways in your body. The fourth is nagging cough as you know there is certainly something wrong with your throat. The fifth is when you have a mole on your face or any part of your body and it drastically changes, you know that is a bad sign. For women, one obvious sign is that lump in your breast as that can be a sign of breast cancer. Last but not the least, there is difficulty in swallowing food when you eat. It is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Can you have cancer for years and not know it?
Yes, it is possible because some cancers are slow-growing so it would be hard to detect them. Hence, better find out a lot sooner than expected. It is possible you will go through months and even years without noticing it. It is pretty unfortunate and you can’t really blame the people around you since they won’t know that you have it too.

Do all cancers show up in blood tests?
The CBC is a test that will certainly show the cancers. Thus, better take that test at least once a year so that if you have it, then you will take the necessary treatments immediately. It is evident that you must do it as early as possible. There is no tomorrow when you decide to do it at a later date. Even if you are not sick, it would be better to get a checkup so you know you are sure of being healthy. It would not feel great when you find out later than when you must find out eventually.

Is cancer a death sentence?
If it has reached stage 4, it is basically a death sentence since it can’t be cured anymore. You will regret all those times when it was still in the early stages when you could have done something about it. It is not a good idea to take it lightly as cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world.