Cancer Connections is an online community that links people with cancer, their carers and families.
Registration is free and we will always keep your contact details confidential. Once registered you will have access to the following services:


The forums can be read by anyone. To post messages we need a very simple registration. This registration allows you to choose a username and upload a little icon or picture, also called an Avatar. These things will define your identity within the forums. Remember you don’t need to use your real name as the username. Just a name you want other people to know you by.

You can bookmark forums. These will show up in your personal control panel (see on the right hand side). This way you can always find them quickly.


Every user has his or her own profile. The profile is used to share a little more about yourself with others. Remember, even though you can keep your true identity hidden, the idea of this site is to connect with others. Sharing about yourself is a wonderful way to start this process.

Note that you can’t message other members unless you have set up your own profile.

Setting up your own profile is easy, but if you need help you can refer to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for a step-by-step guide. You can also ask other members for help or send a message to the Administrator of the site, who will be happy to assist during business hours.

Finding and making friends

Once you have registered you can explore other profiles and you can ask other people to be your friends.

If you send someone a friend request, we will send a message to them informing them of your request. If they agree, their profile will be linked to yours and their name will show up on your friends list on your profile