Partners, Family and Friends (Carers)

Who is a carer?

A carer is someone who helps and supports a person through a disease or disability such as cancer.
Carers can provide support in different ways: practical, physical, emotional and spiritual.
You may be a relative, friend or neighbour. Anyone can become a carer – it doesn’t matter what your age, gender, sexuality, profession or cultural background is.
You may provide care for a short time or over months or years. Care may be needed for a few hours once a week or on a 24-hour basis.
Sometimes a carer lives interstate or overseas and helps by coordinating care by phone, email or the internet.
You may not see yourself as a carer, rather someone simply taking care of a person who needs you. You may see becoming a carer as a natural extension of your relationship with the person with cancer. Some people accept the change in the relationship while others may feel they had no choice or it was something they felt they “should” do. Whether or not you specifically identify as a carer, you should be aware that practical, financial and emotional help and support is available to you.
The articles available below provide a range of practical tips, strategies, information and relevant links for those caring for a partner, family member or friend with cancer.

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These articles outline and provide tips and strategies about Emotions, Communication, Practical Issues, Death and Dying and Grief, Loss and Bereavement.

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1 week 3 days ago
GeeGee's picture

I am hoping someone can clarify what palative care is. My partner, Daz and his family are against them due to things that happened to family members in the past. They think palliative care will lock Daz away and he will die within a week of them taking over. I don't agree, I have never heard of this sort of thing happening and when I said so I was knocked down with story's of them locking his auntie and uncle away. I always thought palative care was done by the hospital. Why are Daz and his family so against their help.

Information for Carers

INFORMATION FOR CARERS: tips and strategies about Emotions, Communication, Practical Issues, Death and Dying and Grief, Loss and Bereavement.

Partners, Family & Friends (Carers)

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