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  • 12 Aug 2011 - 09:30
    benbravery's picture

    See the original post and images at:

    I studied some human anatomy and a bunch of non-human animal anatomy as part of my science degree. But that didn't help me when the surgeon first mentioned removing my seminal vesicle: I pretended I knew exactly where it was and then raced home and checked a textbook.

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  • 11 Aug 2011 - 18:40
    Jules_68's picture

    Have been doing really well with meditation, acupuncture, yoga and positive affirmations.

    My cancer was contained however with removal of right kidney this has left me with CKD stage 3/4. My cancer took my healthy kidney and left me with a damaged kidney due to childhood reflux.
    My eGFR is 33%. I have been dealing with my cancer diagnosis however yesterday at GP he used the words "Renal Failure".

    I am doing my best to say "Renal Failure" is your word Dr, not mine. I will not need dialysis until i hit a eGFR of 10%. Transplant is not an option due to cancer relapse.

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  • 11 Aug 2011 - 14:34
    SILLY's picture

    I am looking forward to the summary of this discussion.

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  • 11 Aug 2011 - 01:23
    SILLY's picture

    I still have not seen that anyone on this site has the same cancer as me.If there is someone there I'd love to hear .Using international sites I have come across 5 other Australians with it,one living out of the country.Still I appreciate the contact with all of you.

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  • 6 Aug 2011 - 15:09
    Annie333's picture

    Have been busy advertising and generating a buzz. We are organising a mini fields of women event. Open to the public.
    Come and plant a pink silhouette in the ground. With lots of space, am expecting at least a couple of hundred. To honour all of those who have fought, are fighting and have lost the battle.
    If you are interested in coming, it will be located in Upper Plenty Victoria. Message me and I will give the address.
    Have organised a bbq sausage sizzle and a coffee van to come too.
    Also BCNA gear will be available. Hoping this will be bigger than Ben Hur.

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  • 6 Aug 2011 - 14:08
    Deb1960's picture

    Remember, Blogs are our own personal thoughts only.

    At what stage do you decide that your quality of live is more important that the quantity?

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  • 6 Aug 2011 - 12:38
    SamR's picture

    I'm reading "Stronger than Cancer" by Connie Payton, published by Compendium Inc, at the moment.

    It is a fantastically inspirational "book of hope, love and encouragement", filled with cancer patients and relatives stories.

    One message really stands out for me on Page 78: "I shall pass through this world but twice - once before cancer and once after cancer. Let the "after" be the most treasured". - Cheryl Caleca, Link to Life Newsletter.

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  • 3 Aug 2011 - 23:53
    myboys3's picture

    Just been diagnosed with Melanoma in the lymph nodes. Am terrified. AM in the process of Pet scans, Mri's etc. Am in remission from Hodgkins Lymphoma Oct 2010. How unlucky can I be??? Got shocking pain in the middle of my chest and right shoulder. Can anyone tell me if there is a good chance of survival from this cancer? I'm a mother to 3 young boys. Please give me some hope?

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  • 2 Aug 2011 - 16:29
    Allicat's picture

    Last year about a week after I was diagnosed with cancer my sister went to Europe for a holiday. While she was away I said to my Mum that I missed her. Mum replied that she deserved to have a holiday.

    In my mind more appropriate responses would have been: she'll be back soon, you can talk on the phone, you've still got me etc.
    Instead of what seemed like critising me as if I had been complaining.

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  • 31 Jul 2011 - 00:01
    unicorn83's picture

    Today I had a job trial, as a Barista. This was my 6th job interview I've had since needing to return to work. The first 5 didn't end that well after I had to explain what I have been doing for the last year. So far telling potential employees that 'I have had health issues but am fine now' doesn't seem to be the correct way to get paid employment.

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