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  • 16 Mar 2015 - 20:30
    lɛftəʊvə's picture

    The session was on time as I squirmed trying to keep bladder from getting too full. There were a lot of newbies getting shown around and that was holding things up.

    Seems that yet again I have failed in my efforts to get a centrelink benefits and its expensive hanging on for the wait times. Now I have to hunt around Perth to try and find the nearest office which I can get to.

    Life is still a bitch nothing is simple.

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  • 16 Mar 2015 - 17:16
    Lost's picture

    where do I start? My mum has lung cancer which has spread, she's gone for 7 months so far when they said 3 would be max. Shes changed so much I can't believe it, so rude, so angry, so cynical of everything. So bossy, so controlling and manipulative, not only of me but my kids too which effects them and theyre over it. I can barely afford to live and had to ask her to contribute. $60 she said a week will keep her and all she gives me. I don't qualify for a carers allowance as she is palliative. My siblings just want her gone to a nursing home and want nothing to do with her.

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  • 14 Mar 2015 - 15:22
    lɛftəʊvə's picture

    Today spoke to Doctors and Nurses so basically stop having cereal for breakfast as it's not part of my normal diet. Back to toast.

    Radiotherapy went ok

    Decided to leave the accommodation for a break from the hospital grounds for some shopping therapy session at the large shopping mall instead. Bottles of flavors for stir fries and cheaper too. Oh and ice cream I had two plates of it chocolate ice cream and Greek yogurt, its like eating sweet and sour ice cream. hmm lunch time already ....

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  • 12 Mar 2015 - 20:55
    lɛftəʊvə's picture

    Started out ok and timed myself to get to the waiting room all primed and ready for the treatment all went ok. Wandered out to get dressed and oops hmm throw all that into the washing bin.

    Problems for this radiotherapy I had read that they start at 2 weeks not day 4. Maybe there is some other hassle causing me problems so need to go talk to Dr.

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  • 12 Mar 2015 - 08:43
    Paulpwtierney's picture

    Tuesday I went for a wisdom tooth extraction as a preventative measure. Unfortunately due to the combined stress of seeing a dentist and the unfamiliar surroundings and the C word , I had a major meltdown and the procedure was discontinued. Tooth is still in and I was sent to the psychologist who is going to teach me some breathing techniques. Plan B now seems to either be extraction under general anaesthetic or my own dentist who I am emailing the OPG. PEG is booked in for 23/3 and D Day ( treatment day ) could be any day now.

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  • 11 Mar 2015 - 18:33
    lɛftəʊvə's picture

    Not a fun day today as appointments were running 30 minutes late and I was all ready and comfortable for the appointment.

    Bladder decided stuffit when someone else said he was 30 minutes later so after the 30 plus minutes refill to get comfortable again its off to another machine to get zapped and it was a little disconcerting but I guess all went well. Half dressed and bladder said stuffit again hmm I must get that problem under control.

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  • 11 Mar 2015 - 17:49
    GeeGee's picture

    Daz is back in hospital. His headaches are getting worse and they still don't think it's caused by his cancer. He has a rapidly growing tumor deep inside his brain, how can that not be causing problems. I just don't understand. Whlie they were treating him when we first got into the hospital he became disoriented and aggressive and it ended up with 4 security guards holding him down until they got him sedated, poor thing is brused all over the place. Today when I went to see him he was still grumpy but much better than yesterday.

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  • 11 Mar 2015 - 16:13
    Jodii's picture

    As you can tell we are on the count down now to finishing! Can't wait. The radiation itself hasn't been too bad or difficult in itself - its just the tiredness that it leaves behind that has been the hardest to deal with really. Erik hasn't had any skin burns or problems or any diarrhea or tummy problems that they said he might get - so I think we have been really lucky.

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  • 10 Mar 2015 - 15:52
    lɛftəʊvə's picture

    Sleepless night crawled out of bed some 3 hours later than usual

    Radiotherapy, hardly had time to get changed and I was on the machine getting zapped suspect the others in the waiting room had not carried out the drink water program but that's their problem

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  • 9 Mar 2015 - 14:42
    lɛftəʊvə's picture

    Day 1 officially starts today.

    Day 0 was the long trip from home to Perth which took some time especially the final section where I carried my luggage from the train station down the dark streets past the hospital and to the place I am staying at.

    No money, no food, very few clothes, tired and here by myself.

    Went to Shenton Park to buy some food as I have to be able to carry back what I buy. The need to find a shorter route outside the hospital became obvious as I trudged down some unnamed street back to the accommodation.

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