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21 years since my dad has died from cancer

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It has been 21 years since my dad has past away from leukaemia, and as much as I can say that 21 years is along time and that time moves forward and our lives are getting busier it doesn't change the fact that he was taken away tooo soon.
I will always miss my dad and the man he was I hope one day to be the person he was.
Leukaemia maybe a disease that takes away our loved ones but we can all feel normal in our grief and treat everyday as beautiful as we can.

My experiences with acute myeloid leukaemia

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This is my experience with acute myeloid leukaemia it was on another blog name but I changed my account.


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My daughter has anaplastic oligodendroglioma with no co-deletions, after two craniotomies the only further treatment is the possibility of more surgery. I feel desperate and dont know where to turn. Life can be cruel! If any-one has some sort of survival mechanism I would love to hear from you! God Bless!

Chronic Fatigue, 14th. January, 2015

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Good afternoon to everyone.

Sometimes we can overdo the appointments and arranging to "appease the disease".

God knows how I made it through my breast cancer treatments.

It's eight months since my last radiotherapy zap and I am having to cancel medical appointments. Accupuncture and appointment with the breast care nurse.

Was re-prescribed the 12 morphine patches by my favorite chemo registrar, Tristan. This has made the pain-killing accupuncture redundant and not necessary.

It was an easy choice not to go to see Dr Oh, rather to say "No!!".

Day 2

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It's day 2 of radiation today, it was an early appointment so Daz said his Mum will take him but when it was time to leave she refused to drive him and he went on his own. Not sure why she didn't take him but could be because we went to see his sister last night and they talked about his Mum, so Kym must have called her when we leaft their place. Who knows but it a lousy thing to do I think. I wish Daz had of let me know and I would have taken him. poor Daz dosn't need that sort of thing, he has enough to cope with. So far no side affects. Let's hope it stays that way.


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Darryn was told yesterday that he has to stop the drug trial and have radiation therapy. They have found 2 spots in his brain and 2 in his lung. It's so frightening to be facing this I can only guess how poor Daz is feeling. He is so down I am worried about him. He started taking steroids and is sick and is so tired, I hope these side effects go away soon. Don't have much else to say, just trying to get my head around this and be there for poor Daz.

new here. need advice on m

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new here. need advice on h

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Colin having chemo which it was his last one today.

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With Colin having chemo it has been rather distressing to all of us. It was every 3 weeks starting last May where I was in WA which is a long time to be patient. It was my son's birthday on the 11th of Nov and I said to Colin what can we do for Stuart's birthday? It wasn't taken care off as he didn't hear me. I asked again on Monday and the same happened again. So when Tuesday came Colin didn't know what was going on. He asked me what is going on and I said to Colin that we are going out for Stuart's birthday. What a negative celebration but we had a good time in a café for an hour.

Ha ha

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Talking to the nurse for preadmission today, she says: oh, I know someone who survived a Whipple operation once.

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