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I have Extramammary Perianal Pagets Disease

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Hello everyone and my thoughts are with you all


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Its been ages since we have last posted.

As of early May mum had been in hospital with the last stages of pancreatic cancer.

She finally passed away on the 17.6.16, this is the day she went to meet our heavenly father.

Her suffering and pain is something that will never leave us!, it actually haunts us.

The care and level of care she received from RPA and then later at Pallative Care Unit at Concord Hospital was absolutely flawless.

At this stage I have nothing else to say except that she left our world at the age of 67.

how can i accept what to me is just unacceptable....

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all our plans
all our dreams and goals
all stolen and what remains is just a huge black void

i try to keep busy and i've been working in part time and temporary jobs since cancer stole our future but lonliness, isolation, anger and my own health issues have meant that this is only short respites and all returns with a smash and a bang.

i move through the days and nights alone and in pain - physical, emotional and mental pain. i have no purpose and no goals. all that i was has been stolen. all our dreams have been broken.

boyfriend has lung cancer spread to his brain

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my boyfriend died 5.30am today, he was a fighter he died in his sleep.i thought i should update, i miss him so much already, by for now sonia;

my boyfriend

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my boyfriend is now in a nursing home with lung cancer stage 4 , i cant stop thinking about him,i go and visit him every second day and sleep over,i love hime, thanks for listening by

my boyfriend has lung cancer

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my boyfriend is going to a nursing home, the hospital wants him out of the hospital he is in , he is 53 years old . i will go thanks for reading the

boyfriend has lung cancer

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i cryed why have a person die young 53 yrs old to lung cancer, its spread to his brain, his brain tumor is pressing on his brain, i dont have anything else to say, except i love my boyfriend very much by by


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Im not liking blogging confusing me
I,m lor 44 married and have breast cancer i have a fb support group just started today
Or its called support online for breast cancer ladies or is my email

my boyfriend

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my boyfriend cancer has spread to his brain he is in hospital he is dying i have cryed and cryed, thankyou for reading my blog

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