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This is 'Real' back again

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Hello, 2 years ago I was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer and thank goodness the chemotherapy and radiation got rid of it but not before nearly killing me.

Got nearly 2 more years with my two boys aged 11 and 13. Thought it was over except for three monthly endoscopic tests.

That was until 20 March this year when I was told to have a pet scan. There they found the thing was back, bigger and meaner than ever, My tumour is in my oesophagus and of course they can do nothing.

1st entry cont'd

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My mum has been in and out of hospital quite regularly of late. Having blood transfusions and antibiotics. Drs saying the bleed is from the mass in her bowel. Surgery is not an option. I am finding it very hard as every time we go in to the hospital, she is so unwell. It's like well, is this it? Is this the end? And then they give her a few bags of blood and antibiotics, and then, she is bouncing off walls again.... It's just getting harder and's like losing her each time she goes to hospital. So mentally(emotionally) draining...

1st entry

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Hi all... Well. This is my first entry. My mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014. She had numerous surgeries that year. Cancer metastasised to her lung. Surgery to remove that. Now, we are facing a new mass, again in bowel, and again in other lung and also in liver.

boyfriend has lung cancer

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i worry and worry about mark my boyfriend of 12 years he is doing his chemo again, he is brave ,he is a fighter this is the biggest fight yet thankyou for reading my blog by for now sonia by by

boyfriend has lung cancer

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i worry and worry about mark my boyfriend of 12 years he is doing his chemo again, he is brave ,he is a fighter this is the biggest fight yet thankyou for reading my blog by for now sonia by by

my boyfriend got lung cancer

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we are from tasmania .15 kms from- hobart, we love each other i hope i am not a bore these blogs are a good idea, thankyou for reading my blog , goodby for now by .

boyfriend has lung cancer

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i am my boyfriends carer , i see him everyday in our house, i love him alot the blogs are good to read, i like reading them, by for now . sonia.

Mez - First time blogger...Half way through treatment, writing this from hospital!

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Well there isn't much else to do when you are tied to your bed, oxygen and a machine. So i finally got aroud to this blogging thing.

They have been amazing for me to read so now it's my turn to give back.

Wierdly, looking back at my time in hospital beig treated for lung infection, for nearly a week, I have finally realised it was a good thing, it's made me slow down and stop prioritising the wrong things.

my partner

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i love him i dont want him to die my anxiety is high thinking about him

First Time

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I finally met the man of my dreams. The man that made all the love songs make sense. The man who loved me and cared for me and cherished me. We had been friends for years and had finally both let our walls down to trust each other. We had been living together for 13 months.

We were planning to get married secretly and then tell all our family and friends about it. That was until the day we got the cancer news.

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