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the journey

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I was diagnosed with fourth stage metastisised breast cancer in 2013. I was given months to a year to live. The cancer was found in four places. My right breast 8 lymph nodes under my arm a patch on the main artery in the back of my head and has eaten out my first vertebrae. They removed it from under my arm and my breast. They gave me 10 treatments of radiation put me on tamoxifan told me their not offering me chemo and told me there's nothing else they can do for me. That was just the beginning of my journey.

Damn and Blast...

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Saw Dipti (hematologist) today 3 weeks since last visit when she arranged urgent bloods - she then went away for 3 weeks. Upshot platelets are low as are lymphocytes. Dipti had ordered a PET scan at the end of July when I finished chemo and even though she had told Canberra Hospital 3 weeks ago that it was urgent as it was a possible recurrence I have still not heard from Canberra Hospital. So now have an appointment for the PET scan at Liverpool hospital on 1st November. Also now have an appointment with a rheumatologist in Randwick as there are no appointments here until March 2017!

2016 second PSA test

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Not sure I am happy with the latest result at 2.1 but it is still dropping as the April test was 2.3. I'll check today's blood test results before Christmas and then probably not bother again until Sept/Oct 2017.

Week one

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Plan is chemotherapy once a week - started last Wednesday - I'm amazed that footdtuff already tastes metallic & my mouth sore thank goodness for paw paw ointment - it helps a great deal ! Have had 4 zaps of radiotherapy only 31 to go !!!
I am staying at a hotel complex on the actual grounds for cancer sufferers., family & carers. On a Positive note I have already met some lovely people also the majority staying here, going through the same or similar .

Chemo induced Arthritis

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Started off 3 weeks ago with just muscle aches and pains. They just kept getting worse even when at Lake MacQuarie visiting the kids and meeting Miss Audrey 19 month old granddaughter for the first time. Saw GP who did tests and ordered bloods which all came back negative but when my husband said he had read an article about chemo induced arthritis.

some days are harder than others...

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I've just joined this site as I figure that being on here talking to others may help me while I go on this journey.

I've been fighting cancer on and off for the past 4 and a half years. I currently have CML and have just finished my 2nd cycle of treatment.
Lately I'm finding it hard to talk to everyone or reach out.
Its not that I need anything, I just seem to feel isolated. all my friends are going out and having a good time and living their life while I'm at home sleeping or spending as much time with my kids as I can just incase this cancer gets the better of me.

The ball is rolling

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Attended a recommended plan of action to treat my throat cancer & signed consent forms. It's all happening & no turning back now inundated with daily appointments - dentist, hearing tests, inc. My diary has never been so full - plan is radiotherapy for 7 weeks, chemo once a week & shall be fitted with a peg ( feeding tube ) before the treatment begins September 21. Never written a blog of this before before so not sure this is how one goes about it ? Smile

I have Extramammary Perianal Pagets Disease

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Hello everyone and my thoughts are with you all


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Its been ages since we have last posted.

As of early May mum had been in hospital with the last stages of pancreatic cancer.

She finally passed away on the 17.6.16, this is the day she went to meet our heavenly father.

Her suffering and pain is something that will never leave us!, it actually haunts us.

The care and level of care she received from RPA and then later at Pallative Care Unit at Concord Hospital was absolutely flawless.

At this stage I have nothing else to say except that she left our world at the age of 67.

how can i accept what to me is just unacceptable....

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all our plans
all our dreams and goals
all stolen and what remains is just a huge black void

i try to keep busy and i've been working in part time and temporary jobs since cancer stole our future but lonliness, isolation, anger and my own health issues have meant that this is only short respites and all returns with a smash and a bang.

i move through the days and nights alone and in pain - physical, emotional and mental pain. i have no purpose and no goals. all that i was has been stolen. all our dreams have been broken.

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