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Day 14

lɛftəʊvə's picture

I have been lax but there's not been any difference in procedure's apart from change in appointment times which tends to upset the bodies rhythm somewhat. Still there's only 27 treatments to go and with Easter coming up to give another break but thinking I'll not bother to go anywhere not even back home as the effort of 3 to 4 hours of bodily functions get's to be a pain in the butt after a while in more ways than one.

Peg Insertion.

Paulpwtierney's picture

Procedure went smoothly but apparently when I came to I was loud/distressed and confused. I was sedated and then made the mistake of eating too quickly and suffered extremely painful cramps. I was admitted overnight and suffered through the night with more painkillers. I was discharged the next afternoon but still could hardly walk and was distressed/confused. The nurses downstairs thought I was some escapee . I wasn't making much sense and looked like I should still be on the ward. I am only today looking at the tube but I made the mistake of asking the oncologist what stage I was.

thyroid cancer

Sandeep Jadeja's picture

i have total thyroidectomy done 3month next month I am going for radioiodine therapy.
any one who is in the same boat?

Day 11

lɛftəʊvə's picture

Another horrid start to the day and it seems to drag on now. I am eating more making an attempt to sit down away from the single room environment read a newspaper or sit in the sunlight. I leave my door open in case some one wants to talk about their problems or their partners.

Zap went ok and the nurses are good if not a little cheeky but they see a lot worse patients than me. Am not sure if I am sticking to the drinking rules but I know I drink the amount they ask me to.

Day 10

lɛftəʊvə's picture

Well usual start to the day with upset stomach so 3 hours to settle that down.

Zap went ok but I seem to have an urge to itch or wriggle slightly but I realize that the Prostate is only the size of a walnut so just have to lay still and just quietly count how long each zap takes at each of the seven angles

Doctor said to go back to medicine to control the bowel, the other problem needs real drugs and it surprised me the price difference between chemists.

Palative care

GeeGee's picture

I am hoping someone can clarify what palative care is. My partner, Daz and his family are against them due to things that happened to family members in the past. They think palliative care will lock Daz away and he will die within a week of them taking over. I don't agree, I have never heard of this sort of thing happening and when I said so I was knocked down with story's of them locking his auntie and uncle away. I always thought palative care was done by the hospital. Why are Daz and his family so against their help.

Day 9

lɛftəʊvə's picture

Gastro-stop and now Ural, what next to start getting upset with the Radiotherapy. I have 28 more zaps to go and am hoping things will calm down soon. Managing to do some cooking a bit more than toasted sandwiches with a stir fry today to get some vegetables for once.

New Neighbor says he is seriously considering Cyberknife for his Prostate Cancer.

Day 8

lɛftəʊvə's picture

Gastro-stop seemed to work and am thinking some stomach pains are due to the normal urges and then the Zap took it out of me today and I noticed stomach was painful moreso than usual but then it was a different machine today as mine was running 30 minutes late which the bladder went uh ha here we go again.

Need to vent

GeeGee's picture

I have to tell someone what is going on without causing trouble so here I am venting. Had to take Daz to the hospital due to his headaches being so bad. So glad we called the ambos when we did. Daz had what they are calling a seizure. While waiting in the que to be seen in emergency Daz became restless and needed to cover his eyes from the light, I didn't realise at first what was happening but I now know it was the start of his seinure. We had about an hours wait to be seen and when we got in Daz was confused and couldn't understand what anyone was saying to him.

Day 7

lɛftəʊvə's picture

Clenching and gut aches as I try to get out to talk to Centrelink and the need to stop the nasty diarrhoea is seriously impacting my chances of being able to do that. Problem is with public transportation and cities is the availability of the nearest toilet in times of need.

Zap was as normal but am noticing the belly has slightly become to object and feels odd. Burning sensation during urination too. So the 2 week hassles have arrived a week early.

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