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  • 7 Apr 2013 - 17:10
    Virginia.F's picture
    It's always there- it never leaves me. I find that whatever else I am doing or thinking about, it's there- in the background perhaps but somewhere in my consciousness, and as soon as I stop busying myself with anything else it floods into the foreground, it takes over if I give it a chance. I think about it an awful lot, I mean in the sense of giving it my full attention. Everything in life is now slightly darkened and the point seems to have gone out of some things altogether. But I've got to accept it because I've got no alternative. SAME - Me on my husband Nick's death, Jan 2013.
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  • 6 Apr 2013 - 09:56
    lambshank's picture

    well I found a new doctor, a great guy and much closer so me, so no more long trips to Brisbane, unfortunately he isn't entirely satisfied that the radiation was a screaming success and (though reluctantly) has suggested another PET scan with view to chemo, well I finally think something may have me beaten, I've survived TB, spinal surgery and a host of other things in the past 2 years, even had no huge problems through radiation treatment, not so sure about this throat cancer though, and just when my hair was starting to grow back!

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  • 6 Apr 2013 - 00:27
    Melanie's picture

    It's nice to have good days- Ben realised tonight that he hasn't had a headache in 2 days!
    No headache- not just no thumping heading but his brain still aches- nothing!
    And boy has he been chirpy, so nice to have the cheeky bugger back Smile

    Enjoying- relishing- whilst I can Smile

    Just the small things

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  • 5 Apr 2013 - 22:50
    jobeth's picture

    Well, we are still here.

    Today we did our first Avastin day. My hubby is swollen and oh so tired from the bastard Dex. Fingers crossed the Avastin allows us to drop Dex dose and resume a sleeping routine t hat resembles normal????

    We have also added an anti depressant drug which has helped him communicate again. It's not like old times but its not bad. He can still challenge me with interesting conversation. (Secrete is, I fell in love with his most beautiful organ of all, his brain).

    It's not over till its over!

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  • 1 Apr 2013 - 22:25
    box6's picture

    i have never really stopped paying my partner out in 18 years of bliss and two kids came along.
    i believe laughter is good and i will continue to try to make her laugh as long as she has a sence of humour

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  • 1 Apr 2013 - 08:08
    deniseford's picture

    I am extremely lacking in motivation right now, and I am not the one with this insidious disease festering inside me. Whats it matter if the house is messy, grass is too long and there is no food in the fridge.

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  • 1 Apr 2013 - 01:05
    Melanie's picture

    Yesterday was a bit of a blow
    I have hurt my knee, and am trying to rest as much as possible as I have to put down mulch next week before our house goes on the market.
    My mum took my eldest for the night, & Ben kindly offer to watch our youngest in the bath whilst I took 10 mins to lay down.

    Ben dried her & bought her into our room (which was a little unusual) he placed her on the bed, and went to his wardrobe. Without placing much thought, I laughed & said "ah hun, I don't think you'll find anything small enough in there for her"

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  • 29 Mar 2013 - 16:06
    jobeth's picture

    March 7, surgery to respect two tumours, one in the basil ganglia the other in the frontal lobe ( this one was respected last August). Post op, doctors happy with debulking result.

    MRI day 1 post op, tumour cells on the move, discharge from hospital, prn panadol.

    Re-admission 2 days after discharge, massive headaches, now on morphine. Discharge, this time on Endone. Prognosis, very poor.

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  • 26 Mar 2013 - 19:08
    abs's picture

    HI Everyone
    I do hope everyone is well or as well as can be at this time, i was wondering if those who had head and neck cancer, if anyone has suffered from head spins, when laying down and lately when sitting, my GP thinks it could be a virus my oncologist says it could be fluid in the ear, either way i am not convinced just wondered if anyone else has suffered the same and should i be worried.
    I do hope everyone has a happy easter as best they can and hope the easter bunny brings way more to you all than chocolate eggs.

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  • 26 Mar 2013 - 10:16
    deniseford's picture

    I think I understand now when everyone talks about this new kind of normal...we are slowing starting to adjust and accept what is now normal. Except I want to scream NO I do not accept this at all...Cancer sucks arse and I just want to punch it right in the face!!!!!

    The waiting is the worst....waiting for tests, waiting to see the doctor, waiting for results....always waiting. Sad

    I have finished my I will go have a coffee....and smile like everything is ok.

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