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  • 24 Apr 2013 - 15:48
    daddysgirl's picture

    My Dad is in the final stages of melanoma cancer.

    It's aweful.

    I am upset about so many things.

    There is no information or support about anything!

    Since he lives in the country there are no hospices.

    Im sick of driving 2 hours to see him every couple of days and then drive home again. (selfish I know - but im totally exhausted)

    I hate that he is unhappy. He can barely speak anymore and went into hospital two weeks ago ready to die. Things have only gotten worse since then.

    The doctors keep giving us different life expectancys.....

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  • 23 Apr 2013 - 22:35
    Trish's picture

    Dear all,

    My husband of 28 years passed away on the 19 April 2013. He fought with courage and dignity until the end. Nigel was diagnosed on the 14 August 2012.

    RIP my love.


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  • 21 Apr 2013 - 16:01
    LostLittleFox's picture

    My mum passed away two weeks ago from cancer, a melanoma that spread like wildfire.

    I cared for her for her last three months at my parents home in Bunbury W.A.
    And now the funeral is over I have returned home to Melbourne. I couldn't stay in Bunbury any longer than a few days. Three months there was an enormous feat, also living with my Dad...I don't want to go into that just yet.

    So far I have just walked around the city in a daze. I don't know what to say when someone says,
    "Hey Paul whats's been happening? haven't seen you around the studio?" or even, "Sorry for your loss,"

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  • 19 Apr 2013 - 23:09
    Almost Nermal's picture

    First dose of Lomustine today. So, it begins. Everything else feels sombre but so normal - the calm before the storm.

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  • 18 Apr 2013 - 17:25
    Minx's picture

    MRI Monday night, told there was new tumour Wednesday with talk of more surgery and further chemo options. Meeting with surgeon and radiation oncologist today to be told surgery was not an option due to tumour placement.
    This is just f****d. I have no other way to put it.

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  • 18 Apr 2013 - 13:26
    box6's picture

    to remain positive i might look at life not so serious any more. i will try not to plan too much, and having more time for my wife and children. all of them seem to have the tendency at the moment to seek conversations all the time. i must take more time to listen and be genuine about listening plus positive feedback as well if needed.

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  • 15 Apr 2013 - 22:01
    missbrookie's picture

    it has been nearly 2 months since I lost my mum to pancreatic cancer and I just feel so lonely without her.
    I am trying to take one day at time but lately its more like a minute at a time. Some days start so well and then any little thing can trigger my tears. I am so emotional about everything else in my life too, like my job, my friends and also the ex boyfriend that ahs just come back into my life. I don't think it will ever get any easier I just need to find a way to deal with the empty feeling that I have Sad

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  • 15 Apr 2013 - 21:10
    Almost Nermal's picture

    A summary of my partner's events to date;

    40 year old, slim, fit and healthy IT Engineer, cycled 10km/day, non smoker, light social drinker.

    Wednesday 06/03/2013
    Tonic clonic seizures during the night, about 1 hour after going to sleep. Taken by ambulance to Base Hospital, barely conscious.
    Confused and unable to recognise loved ones, unaware of surroundings and unable to remember events.
    Diagnosed as having had a stroke.

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  • 13 Apr 2013 - 18:49
    Willi's picture

    I've been a lurker of this site for some time now. Pretty much since my diagnosis of Esophageal Cancer on Oct 12 of last year. The main reason *I* come here is not only to read and empathise with the stories of other Cancer sufferers but to look for hope for myself.

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  • 8 Apr 2013 - 00:13
    glenys48woods's picture

    Did you investigate the latest Brecon book of the front page? The heading to my blog is How do we Find the strength within as this pointed out how difficult cancer is as someone was saying. If someone out with advanced info can answer this it would be great.

    There is another one called "Responding rather than reacting to life's challenge's". How????? The way I see this is that you wouldn't mind having a falsie after a mastectomy. I am confused with it so please help me.

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