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  • 1 Feb 2014 - 22:20
    Melanie's picture

    At 3.18pm yesterday on the 31st January 2014, my dear sweet gorgeous husband passed on.

    The only relief is that by him passing, that feckin tumour lost its blood supply too.... so I am very happy about that.

    ************ I am going to blog today about death, if you are reading this but not in the right headspace to deal with the death part, please stop reading now. I know 1 yr ago, I couldn't read about what was going to happened to Ben, it was just to heartbreaking**********

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  • 31 Jan 2014 - 16:09
    GeeGee's picture

    Hi its a long time since my last blog as things were staying the same but now things have changed.. Daz went to the hospital today and I wish I had of gone with him. His blood pressure is very high and I would have liked to hear what the doctor told him to do about it. He often doesn't tell me everything and prefers to not know test results and things. Not sure why but he says it makes no difference knowing results. When I asked why he told me he is worried they are bad news.

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  • 30 Jan 2014 - 20:26
    kobiegirl's picture

    Hi there, I have never done this before but am really struggling. I'm not ever sure if this is the right place to ask?

    Here goes... I have had Breast Cancer 3 times with the last time I had a Double Mastectomy in 2011. This Cancer was Oestrogen Positive. because of this I can't take HRT. I am now going through Menopause and struggling with severe sweats, chills and just not coping at all.
    My Doctor has tried all kinds of medication and nothing helped. I am now trying Acupuncture but still not having much luck.

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  • 29 Jan 2014 - 11:00
    patchey1au's picture

    I first found a lump in my right breast just over 3 years ago and after seeing a specialist, I had a ultra sound and had a biopsy, which stuffed me financially as I had to pay full fee for biopsy as medicare stuffed up and would not refund me,and I was out of work and struggling to live day to day, as I had just broken up with my husband. This lump was found to be benign and I was glad.

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  • 26 Jan 2014 - 22:42
    Melanie's picture

    Today a subcutaneous pump was put in, to give constant morp/maxalon & clonazepam.

    4 seizures today alone. Before the pump was put in, he was holding my hand, then reaching out & flicking the top of my skirt, then picking at a bit of tape on the bed rail- the brain injury is becoming more and more apparent.

    I decided tonight was the night to write his eulogy. I needed to have a cry, and then be able to go & lay with him and hear him snore. Is it strange that I want to record his snoring.... so I can listen to it in the future.

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  • 25 Jan 2014 - 23:52
    Melanie's picture

    We have been home from hospital for 9 days now.

    We are good friends with silverchain now, with regular daily visits as things change.

    As per discharge details he was being weaned off the dex(steriod) but after waking up to him knowingly peeing everywhere, stating he didn't care- I knew something was up. and that the pressure in the brain had increased dramatically.
    Then came the nausea, so the last 2 days has been terrible terrible headaches & constant vomiting. So now back on the dex, trying to boast it up to give him a little more quality.... but I doubt it will work for long.

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  • 19 Jan 2014 - 16:23
    Melanie's picture

    So, my last 2 weeks started the new year with an almighty BANG!

    Ben had a substantial fall, we think he may have had his first seizure. And he cracked his head on the toilet bowl very hard.
    Rushed to hospital via ambulance, and MRI found large amounts of fluid on the brain therefore requiring them to insert a VP shunt to drain the fluid to his stomach.

    Here begins the worst 2 weeks of my rollercoaster ride of caring for someone with a brain tumour.
    If you have been reading my blog, or following my journey you would know that we have had quite the easy ride so far, considering.

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  • 19 Jan 2014 - 07:06
    jadelemonade's picture

    During my treatment I wrote many poem's. I found them very cathartic. This is the first one I wrote


    The battle's begun, in war I'm engaged,
    To fight off this evil, I've become so enraged,
    You crept in like a thief and left your mark,
    While I was alone and asleep in the dark.

    But you will not win this battle with me,
    I'll smash you and kill you, just wait and see,
    You've picked the wrong one to wage this war,
    When I'm finished with you, you won't re-enter my door,
    You'll vanish forever and never come back,
    For never again will I take this track.

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  • 17 Jan 2014 - 08:20
    believe63's picture
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  • 13 Jan 2014 - 06:02
    Chrissy's picture

    I just be diagnosed with stage two bowel cancer and will have a colostomy soon. All so sudden and I don't seem to have any advice or any other help from anyone. I feel so alone and scared. Was told I have bowel cancer on the 7th of January 2014, had scans done on the 8th and was told I need a colostomy on the 9th. Shouldn't there be team meetings to discuss on how to treat me? The worst thing is, my specialist is on holidays for a week from the 10th. Should I get a second opinion?

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