Things starting to move along now

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Things are finally starting to move along now. I have a date set for my biopsy, its on thursday the 8th september. They are going to remove one of the lymph nodes from my right shoulder area. Went and saw the day surgery unit to complete all the paperwork. One of the nurses there was so nice to me. When she realised what I might be facing she put her hand on my arm and asked if I was alright. Well that just set me off. I couldnt hold the emotions back anymore and had a good cry. She even gave me a hug which felt really special when a lot of the people so far have been quite clinical about it all. Made me feel like a human being again, doesnt take much Smile I spent the rest of the day wandering around town in a bit of a daze I guess. I went and made an appointment to see my doctor the week following the biopsy. I want her to tell me the results not the hospital, that way I can have some of my family and my fiance with me when I get the news. Came home and slept for a few hours and then made arrangements for our engagement party. Dad was so nice he has offered to pay for it as an engagement present. It will be a good distraction for me as well organising things. Starting to hate being alone in this house now.


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Re: Things starting to move along now

Hi John,
I found that it's really the small things that mean a big deal in these times. Particularly when someone makes you feel like a human and realises you do have emotions etc. One of the loveliest things a radiation technician would do for me was to tie up my gown - most of the others didn't but it tied at the back and he didn't want everyone else seeing my 'butt'. Meant a lot to me that he would think of it.

Have a great time planning your party. It's wonderful to have something like that to focus on Smile

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Re: Things starting to move along now

Have to agree with you, it is small things I am taking more notice of now. Everyone is so good, dad is outside doing the lawns at the moment, hes just the best dad, though im sure im biased Smile Today I am feeling so worn out and just want to lie down. Have had the worst back pain lately. Probably just stress. Looking forward to the engagement party, it's on grand final day, guess I'll soon find out who my real friends are haha. Though it is at night so they should have plenty of time to get over collingwood losing to my team (St Kilda) Smile The Cancer Support line called me this morning. Great to talk to someone openly about things. How are you going by the way?

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Re: Things starting to move along now

Good that you are closer to getting the biopsy.

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