This sucks

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Help. Im so depressed. I wasn't ready 4 this. I feel so alone & desperate. I've had enough. Im so tired. Willow


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Re: This sucks

Yes, ring 131120. Fully trained staff on that number and a friendly ear too.
I do volunteer work for our local cancercare centre, and that is one thing that was in our 131120
If you find that they can't help you, then they can refer you to someone that can.
There is a follow up service with them too.
Good luck

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Re: This sucks

Dear Willow, I echo the advice of all your internet friends.

Reach out for help, cancer is an experience that is fraught with mixed emotions, dealing with those emotions is not easy.

Remember you are not alone in these feelings, so many of us have experienced similar, you just need to find what helps you through this tumultuous journey.

Here's a few to try: Speak to a Social Worker while in hospital, join a Support Group (the resources I found there were invaluable), seek counselling, there is no shame in needing help through this difficult time.

Keep searching, you will find the right fit for yourself. I have experienced how you feel, that is when I began to ask for help, I’m so glad I did.

Remember we are always here for you.

Sending you hugs.

Take care Willow.

Reindeer xox

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Re: This sucks

Hang in there Willow.
all your frinds on here are there for you.

take care

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Re: This sucks

Hi Willow I agree it sucks I think thats a great way to sum up the cancer experience but remember you are never alone there are several of us who care , talk to lifeline as it is the weekend , if you want a voice on the other end or just keep taking to us here , during the week try the cancer council .

I get a bit fed up and depressed but I am very determined that this thing will not get the better of me ..

Take care Rod

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Re: This sucks

Willow - ditto what the others have said.

I left it too long to get help and while the counselling and the anti-ds are helping, had I jumped in earleir it may not have been so protracted.

I agree with Sailor - get onto a Help line of some sort ASAP.

There are so many people wanting to help you.


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Re: This sucks


Please talk to someone, social worker, doctor, nurse or anyone that can help you.

Thinking of you


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Re: This sucks Willow

Sometimes things do get on top of you - that's the time you need to acknowledge that help exists ut there and it is time to use it. Start with the Cancer Helpline 13 1120. Don't be afraid to give Beyond Blue a call 1300 22 4636, or if things really get bad and it is now the weekend, use Lifeline 13 11 14. They are all there to help and to help you get through this.

Counseling - you can get it on medicare. You will need to talk to your GP about this, but don't delay things. I know that I did.

Take care


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