Nothing is straight forward

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Just when we thought we would try our luck with a clinical trial - first test of the drug in human, it's not simple as that.

There is this new clinical trial of a drug AMG 595. You have to have a certain type of gene/cell which we were told 30% of people who have glioma (or GBM? - not sure) would have this. We got the tumour test - done for my partner and it's positive, blood test - fine, urine test - fine, ECG test - fine BUT he could still be ineligible to go on this trial. Guess why!? My partner takes so many supplements that it could be too complicated or too much of a risk to get him on the trial. Now we are waiting for the verdict....


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Re: Nothing is straight forward

Hi Terese,

Nop, no carboplatin. The only thing that Dennis has taken since the bad news is Dex and Somac. We were told that to be eligible for a clinical trial (AMG 595 or any other) you have to have only Temodar, nothing else. So Carboplatin and Avastin were out of equation while we explored our options.


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Re: Nothing is straight forward

Hi Terese - is that new growth with the MRI this week ???? Jo

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Re: Nothing is straight forward

Hi Nat
Have you guys been on carboplatin? Stuarts tumour has new growth on it and they are talking about starting that.
Cheers Terese.

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