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Am staying at my parents place for a few days just to escape everything for a while and relax. Went fishing with dad and a friend yesterday and got 15 fish which was fun. Was worn out by the end of the day and slept all the way home. Don't know whether its the worry wearing me out or what, but simple tasks seem to take their toll on me and I get tired a lot quicker these days. The results of my colonoscopy and gastroscopy came back all clear which is good so the cancer hasnt spread there. Am going back home in a couple of days and have an appointment to see the oncology team on the 28th sept. Not sure what they are going to do, I guess discuss and plan treatment for me? Hope they dont plan on starting me on chemo on that date cos I need to be right for my engagement party on the 1st October.


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Re: more stuff

That's great news John - was really hoping there was something positive on its way for you. Actually, it sounds like a few positives now Smile

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