looking good

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I went to a Look Good Feel Good program run by the local cancer resource group, the makeup industry and other organizations on Weds night. I was really looking forward to it. It topped even my expectations. The ladies ,all volunteers, were terrific. We had one on one with ladies helping us with our makeup and skincare and they pampered us a little too. These ladies all work in the makeup and skincare industry and some have been doing it for up to 10 years. We ended up with quite a bit of skincare and makeup products, all donated by the skincare and makeup companies, to take home.
I was the only one there that had actually lost all of my hair so trying on the wigs was wonderful and it made such a huge difference. I ended up getting 2 wigs, both slightly different but both looked equally good. Everyone was just so positive and complimentary. I got so much out of it, not just the products but feeling really good about myself. Talking to the other girls too was good, seeing how others cope, some are just about to start on their treatment journey, some are coming out the other side of treatment and ones like me still half way through treatment.
I had a CT scan on Wednesday morning and will find out the results next Thursday when I see the Oncologist. Hopefully it will hold some sort of good news, "shrinking liver lesions" would be 3 good words to start with.
Had a Chemo session during the day as well and that didnt go so good, had a reaction to a drug and didnt cope well with that, it did pass by the afternoon though. They wont give me that one again.
The look good session at night made it all better though. Wink
Cheers to all
Vicki Anne

Don't cry because its over,
smile because it happened Smile


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Re: looking good

I ventured to one of these sessions in Perth and was truly amazed at the amount of work these ladies put into this program.
i was only having radiation at the time but it gave me so much more confidence to be me and me alone.

a huge thank you to all the people who volunteer their time to do this. its a must for all ladies (& men).

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Re: looking good

I'm glad the men don't miss out Sailor, everyone deserves to be spoilt some and have a bit of pampering. We deserve it don't we.
Cheers Vicki

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Re: looking good

Hi Vicki,
I missed these somehow while on chemo but I have a friend who is semi-retired from the cosmetic industry and now involves herself in these. She loves being a part of it.She finds it enjoyable and satisfying to say the least.
Glad that you had a good day.

I dunno, Sailor, a little bit of fake tan never goes astray does it?


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Re: looking good

G'day Vicki Anne

This is not confined to women - there are looking good classes for men as well. Maybe not the make up!



Give me a spirit that on this life's rough sea, loves t' have his sails filled with a lusty wind. George Chapman

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Re: looking good

Hi Vicki Anne

Glad you enjoyed the look good feel better session. I went to one and agree that the people that volunteer are amazing. I was unable to really participate all that much as my skin was starting to go yucky because of the monoclonal therapy i was having and I wasnt sure what I would react to. It was great to see women trying on wigs and amazing how much difference a good wig makes.

Hope you get your good words next week and are feeling a bit better now.


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