Living life

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Hi there, am going to use this as a diary so that I can record my journey for others to see, hopefully it will give others some hope and make them smile in times that are tough.

Back in late june I was quite ill. The doctor thought I had a kidney infection but it didn't turn out to be that so they thought it might be a chest infection so off i went for an xray. The xray showed up a white opacity in my right lung. Doctor said wait a couple of weeks and then go back to make sure it had cleared up. After two weeks it hadnt.

A few days later I had an epileptic seizure at work. I hurt the left side of my chest when I fell and they took an xray at the hospital to make sure I hadn't damaged any ribs.Suprise surpise, they found an opacity on the other side as well so off I went for a CT scan. The CT scan results showed multiple rounded nodules throughout both lungs and what may possibly be a primary tumour.

I broke down when the doctor told me this news. I work in aged care and due to my seizure cant drive for 3 months so no job, no real independence, life is sure different having to catch a bus everywhere .

Having to deal with a possible cancer diagnosis is devastating and I don't have any definitive diagnosis yet. The hospital system moves very slowly and it has been so long since i had my CT scans. I am now waiting for what seems like forever on a tissue biopsy to be done to find out for sure. I wanted to pay privately for the biopsy to be done but if i have any private treatment then the public hospital system will discharge me, annoying!

With all that is going wrong in my life at the moment, I thought, well stuff this, I am going to create some good news of my own and am giving my girlfriend an engagement ring this weekend! So wish me luck, I hope she says yes Smile Will report back in a few days as to the outcome of that challenge


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Re: Living life

Thanks, guess what?
She said yes! I'm so excited. Sure am happy today. We are going to go choose the ring together this morning Smile

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Re: Living life

All the best for the weekend. You deserve it.

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Re: Living life

All the best for the weekend. You deserve it.

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