Dont feel so bad now

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After reading some of the stories by others on this forum it made me realise just how fortunate I am. I had really never stopped to think about others who are in the same boat as I might be. People who are still children and others in their 20's being diagnosed with brain cancer. So sad to see people that young being robbed of the life that they may have had in front of them Sad


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Re: Dont feel so bad now

I agree with both of you .

I never felt angry about this ,lots of other negative feelings though.

It always helps to see that there are many others worse off.

Even my surgery may have been more radical if I was younger. Doctors must feel more for younger people.

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Re: Dont feel so bad now

I havent got to the anger stage myself.. I guess not having a firm diagnosis helps at this stage though. I agree that it does put it in perspective when I see that there are others much worse off than myself. I guess that doctors might figure that younger people have a better chance of survival than those of us that are middle aged or older and people kind of accept that its normal at that stage of life, but not when you're just starting out in life hey.

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Re: Dont feel so bad now

I agree entirely. I think there are huge additional issues for young people. I never felt I had my future taken away. I felt I did not have one for a while, but it seems to have been a different feeling to what younger people seem to express.They are expressing genuine anger about having life taken away just as it is opening up. I empathise with that enormously, although it did not happen to me like that. I was an old fart already.


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