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so i went to the dr the other day.. and although ive been putting it off im glad i went.. i got referd to talk to someone but when i told her about my nightly panic attacks and not being able to sleep she suggested 'meditation'.. although this might be ok for some ppl i know i think im beyond breathing in and out! as the carer in this situation i find it unfair that my partner gets sleeping tabs and watever he wants yet i dont get anything and still have to get up n go to work etc...


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Re: anxiety

Hi Maddie!
How you doing??
Hope the wedding plans are traveling smoothly.......
Same old here....

maddie86's picture

Re: anxiety

thank you all for your replies! i have booked in to see a phsycologist in a couple of weeks fingers crossed it helps!

Margaret M's picture

Re: anxiety

Hi Anxiety, I don't know if this will help, but here goes, I don't get anxiety or panic attacks but a side effect of chemo is deep depression, and while in hospital Dr. gave me Temazapam,. I was told to wait till I felt sleepy, THEN take the pill, lovely nights sleep, waking up refreshed and NO after effects. I can't see why your local doctor can't prescribe them for you.
Don't bother taking one if you are wide awake, they are too weak to have any effect then. If you like milk, a hot milk (try melting a piece of dark chocolate into it) drink just before bed is also good. Maybe your chemo doctor is the one to talk to, not psychologists. Maybe you can sleep when your body wants to, not because its night and you should? I haven't read all the messages, so will read them now and see if any other bright ideas come to me. Whoever comes up with the trick to turning off the "thinking bit" and the creating constant scenarios in your head" section of your brain, would be worth their weight in gold.....
My best wishes for you to overcome your problem, hang in there, we are all trying to come up with solutions for you....

Katep's picture

Re: anxiety

Yes... The panic attacks, very little sleep.... The emotional roller coaster of tears and anger, ezcema....I survive because I take antidepressants and anxiety meds. I have been to several types of psychologists and they all suggest taking time out for myself, the gym, relaxation techniques.... How do we survive as the partners without falling apart ourselves? It's very bleak. I feel like I am in this bubble.

exhausted's picture

Re: anxiety

Ahhh yes, our elusive friend sleep, where did she go? My partner also goes to bed with the aid of a lovely little orange pill and sleeps blissfully all night and I stay up too late and get jobs done and spend some time on my own reflecting on how the hell did all this happen to us. Then I go to bed to try to sleep but so often my mind just keeps wandering around whats to come and how will we all cope. Its gotta get better soon, doesn't it?

JohnK's picture

Re: anxiety

I know just how you feel. I thought I better see a psychologist to help me cope. Her advice was the same — deep breathing, meditation and finding time for myself — useless. When I said I occasionally had a scotch at night to help we relax and sleep she warned me against alcohol. A dangerous habit apparently!

maddie86's picture

Re: anxiety

haha i dont mind a glass of wine myself! pft its not dangerous, dangerous would be injecting herion!

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